Sustainability at Bonnington Dublin

Bonnington Dublin Hotel are committed to an ideal where we can deliver on comfort, luxury and making memories in a way that is sustainable for our planet.

Sustainable Hospitality

Bonnington Dublin care about and are working toward sustainable hospitality, we understand the great challenges facing our planet and we are committed to playing our part to make the world a better place for future generations.

We focus our efforts on three key pillars which form our guiding principles in decision making as we advance our efforts.


People are the very fabric of our business, they are the teams who manage and operate our hotels, they are the guests who sleep in our bedrooms, they are the delegates who convene in our meeting rooms, they are the diners and they are the many suppliers, agencies and institutions we work with and of course they are also our neighbours. As a business we are very conscious of all of these people and work toward ensuring that their experience with our business is an exceptionally positive one whether it be through the guest experience, an employee relationship or a delivery man on his rounds. We also invite our guests to take part in our efforts by giving them the information and tools they need to minimise their carbon footprint through energy consumption, water consumption and waste separation. We want to make the world a better place for these people through any interactions they have with our business.


We understand the urgency in addressing climate change and the need to stabilise and ultimately reduce the level of carbon emission being pumped into the atmosphere every minute of every day. We measure and manage across three key areas of energy consumption, water consumption and waste generation.

Energy: We invest in the latest technologies in heating and ventilation to ensure that the energy that powers our climate control and water heating uses minimum levels of kilowatt hours to do so. We also ensure that our electricity is drawn from 100% renewable sources which dramatically reduces our carbon emissions. We source our food and other raw materials within a limited geographical area to ensure it is local and arrives with minimal carbon footprint. We ensure our lighting is provided by the low energy rated bulbs that use minimal kilowatts to operate and have a long life. We ongoingly retrofit our buildings to increase their efficiency ratings through insulation and heat retaining windows.

Water: We invest in technologies that reduce our water consumption in our guest showers and WC through reducing the litres of water required but maintaining the level of pressure required.

Waste: The choices we make around suppliers and raw materials form a large part of how waste can be reduced in our hotels. We look to ensure there is minimal packaging, particularly plastic packaging and minimal by-product that will end up in landfill. We have removed single use plastics from our guest bedrooms, introduced bio degradable drinking straws and compostable coffee cups. We also ensure the glass we use in our operations is recyclable and that it finds its way back to the recycling system.

We monitor our food waste closely to inform purchasing and menu engineering decisions and toward an ideal of eliminating all food waste from food preparation while minimising food waste from consumed meals.

We invite our guests to join us in these efforts by giving them the information and ability to separate their waste in their bedrooms enabling our housekeeping staff to recycle the majority of waste in guest bedrooms and divert from landfill waste.

We are on a journey toward sustainable hospitality, we invite you to join us.