Here at DXTR@McGettigan’s we have a wide variety of burgers to satisfy any craving. Our beef burger patties are made from 100% Irish Dexter minced beef minced daily. The chicken burgers are brined for 24 hours before battered and fries to a crunchy perfection. All burgers are served on a freshly baked Brioche bun. 

Dry Aging

Our dry-aged beef is hung on a rack for several weeks to give our steaks a tender and deeper flavour. All our meat is sourced and prepared locally by the skilled butchers at Gahan Meats 

Salt Aging

Our Salt-aged Angus beef is from O’Flynn’s a third generation family owned farm in Waterford. It is aged for 28 days using Irish Atlantic Sea Salt, from O’Neill’s in West Cork and gives our steaks a tender and deeper flavour. All our meat is sourced and prepared locally by the skilled butchers at Gahan Meats.


Wagyu meaning Japanese beef is considered one of the best in the world. Its intense marbling stems from the genetic breed of the cattle and gives the burger a richer and juicier patty. Our supplier Anne Cronin from Bantry in County Cork has been rearing Wagyu for six years.


The Hardy Mountain cattle of South Tipperary are where we source our Dexter steak. The Dexter cattle are selectively bred in the parish of Dundrum where Killenure Castle still stands today. This traditional tasting beef has provided a reliable source of sustenance for local farmers and their families for decades. 


We have sourced some of the finest mustards and salts from around the world to compliment the flavours of our steaks. We have created our own Jameson Whiskey BBQ sauce, Homemade Horseradish, Garlic & Truffle Mayo and a Smokey Tomato Ketchup, the perfect addition to any meal here at DXTR@McGettigan’s.

 Herb Garden

Our newly installed herb garden is home to a wide variety of herbs, that our chef and bartenders use daily to cook and create with. When you get a meal at DXTR@McGettigan’s you can be sure you are getting the freshest ingredients. 

Vegan & Vegetarian

Here at DXTR@McGettigan’s we offer a wide variety of vegan & vegetarian options for our guests. These meals are carefully created using some of the freshest ingredients, and modern cooking techniques to bring you an exciting meat free option for your dining experience.

Welcome to DXTR@McGettigan’s

Dublin City is a city that’s always prided itself on being unusual. One of the best ways to truly see the city is to eat your way through it. Here at the Bonnington Dublin check out one of Dublin’s most unique dining experience. Not every restaurant can boast that its produce comes exclusively from local suppliers. We are champions of local fresh produce; the diversity of the menu celebrates and mirrors the diversity of Dublin city.


The potatoes we use to make our hand cut fries are sourced from a local company, The Seed Potato Company located in Ballymun. All their potatoes are grown locally at The Golden Ridge Farm. Brought directly from the farm to our kitchen, hand cut and deep fried twice in duck fat for that extra crispy crunch. 


Coal smoking our meat with oak wood chips not only makes it taste and smell delicious, it also helps to render the fat into the meat making it super tender. Using our state-of-the-art Bradley Smoker, allowing us to achieve the perfect combination of tenderness and juiciness. It’s a delectable, melt-in-your-mouth, culinary experience. 


Josper was born in 1969 when the most innovative technology and tradition joined hands. Created by Pere Juli and Josep Armangué in Pineda de Mar, Barcelona, it has become a legend in the world of charcoal gastronomy. A hybrid grill and oven, which means it has the flavour of the grill and the controlled cooking temperature of an oven. The grill has a door which means, when closed, none of the flavour or moisture can escape. Our Josper can cook meats at up to 500°C for fast and efficient cooking 


All our bread is sourced from Coghlan’s which has been a family run artisan bakery since 1988. Now located in Co. Kildare they are one of the leading bakeries in quality and innovation.

Tallow aging

We take our best cuts of Ribeye and repetitively submerge it in tallow, or rendered beef fat, to create a shell of tallow around the beef. We then age the beef in house for a minimum of 28 days. The beef is given a deeper flavour more tender and succulent, and will literally melt in your mouth. 



It is our mission, here at DXTR to provide excellence in farm-to-fork dining. rom the breed of the animal we select, the farmers who supply us with our produce, the high quality of the fresh vegetables to the succulent charcoal flavours captured on our Josper Grill.

We source all of our beef from the parish of Dundrum in South Tipperary. The Dexter cattle is truly an Irish breed, dating as far back as 1845, and named after a Mister Dexter who developed the breed through careful selection. Dexter beef is of excellent quality, with good marbling. This allows for tender and flavoursome meat. The meat is aged for 28 days at a temperature of 2°C allowing for further tenderisation and deeper flavours, sourced and prepared locally by the skilled butchers at Gahan Meats.

Our Wagyu Burger is made from some of the best meat in the world, the word Wagyu means Japanese beef and is known for its intense marbling which gives the meat a richer and juicier taste. Alongside this is the Buttermilk Chicken Fillet Burger that has been brined for 24 hours, which tenderises the chicken fillet, and then deep fried to perfection. Both of these are served on a brioche bun and Hand Cut Fries.”

To pair with this high quality beef, we have some of the finest mustards and salts from around the world. We have also created our own Jameson Whiskey BBQ Sauce and a Smokey Tomato Ketchup.

Our Food

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